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People are our passion!

With LFCS as your partner, you have skilled professionals at your fingertips for a fraction of overhead cost, reducing expenses, and most importantly – wasted time. Once we have tackled your concerns, we will give you the tools to continue moving forward. With over 40 years of combined professional experience in executive administration, finance, and human resources, LFCS can help!

With over 40 years of combined professional experience in executive administration, finance, and human resources, LFCS can help!

  • Better Communication: Implementing communication strategies to enhance internal and external communication, fostering collaboration and information flow.

  • Team Building: Facilitate team-building initiatives, strengthening collaboration and creating a positive work environment.

  • Hiring Support: Provide expertise in the hiring process, from candidate sourcing to onboarding, ensuring the selection of top-tier talent.

  • Performance Coaching: Conduct individual and team performance coaching, fostering professional development and improving overall team effectiveness.

  • Executive Coaching: Offer personalized coaching to executives, enhancing leadership skills and strategic decision-making.

  • Policy Development: Develop and maintain comprehensive office policies, processes, and procedures to ensure consistency and compliance.

  • Document Management: Implement efficient document management systems, enhancing accessibility and reducing document-related bottlenecks.

  • Content Editing and Word Processing: Ensure high-quality content and accurate word processing for various documents, enhancing professionalism.

  • Virtual Assistant Services: Provide virtual assistant support, handling tasks such as scheduling, email management, and administrative duties.

  • Transcription and Mailing Services: We offer transcription services and managed mailing operations, ensuring accuracy and timely delivery.

  • Appointment Scheduling: Efficiently managing appointment scheduling, optimizing time management for clients.

  • Organization and Filing Projects: Spearheading organizational initiatives, improving overall workflow and accessibility.

  • Newsletter Creation: Develop engaging and informative newsletters, contributing to effective client communication.

  • Social Media Management: Execute comprehensive social media strategies, enhancing the online presence of clients.

  • Accounts Payable Functions: Managing all aspects of accounts payable, including invoice entry, validation, and payment processing.

  • Vendor Relationship Management: Establish and maintain strong vendor relationships, ensuring seamless collaboration and service delivery.

  • Collections and Invoicing: Oversee collections processes and managed invoicing procedures, optimizing financial operations.

  • Monthly Bank and Credit Card Reconciliations: Conduct meticulous reconciliations, ensuring accurate financial reporting.

Working together with us is effective, because we UNDERSTAND what you are going through. LFCS has plans and pricing for long-term contracts or temporary and as needed projects.
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